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George, Vermont SurveyorProperty Mapping Software for Surveyors

Meet George

George is a licensed surveyor in northern Vermont. Like you, he uses a software package for surveying and mapping that costs over $2500 with annual fees for updates. You may have attended their classes. And you probably have somewhere in excess of $5,000 invested in this software.

However, George has another tool in his software arsenal – Map My Land. You might ask why you should invest $118.00 to have Map My Land on your CAD system. The answer is two-fold.

Survey MapFirst, you will find Map My Land easy to learn and use with:

  • Its 15-minute learning curve
  • Its own video tutorials and reference manual

And your employees, both in your office and out in the field, can:

  • Key in metes and bounds from any deed or survey with 5+ decimal point accuracy
  • Print Google Earth overlays as well as topo overlays.
  • Easily check areas, perimeters and closures
  • Print Field Data
  • Download GPS data
  • Print Google Earth overlays as well as topo overlays

Second, George being someone who thinks outside of the box came up with an idea that separates him from other surveyors. He invests $118.00 to give his client a copy of Map My Land along with the survey file in Map My Land format.

If you also think outside the box, your clients will be able to:

  • Print your surveys to any scale
  • Make additions or changes including lines and texts to the original survey
  • Check their tax maps with map transparencies
  • Map proposed construction additions such as decks for building permits
  • Create a GPS file to upload into their GPS unit for finding boundary corners and landmarks
  • Overlay boundary lines and topo maps on Google Earth using Map My Land’s Google Earth Interface.

Map My Land's Google Earth interfaceAnd now you know several of the reasons why George is your above average surveyor.

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  • Unlimited Parcels, Boundaries & Boundary points
  • Simplified Curve Entry
  • 25+ International Distance Units
  • 6+ International Area Units
  • Absolute & Relative Positioning of Landmarks
  • Use of Bearings, Azimuths or Angles
  • Unlimited Text/Image Boxes
  • Free-Hand Drawing
  • GPX File Import/Export
  • Print to Any Scale
  • Data/Field Sheets
  • Free Updates

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