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David, Virginia RealtorDavid, Virginia Realtor

David is your above average Realtor. He is in the top 10% of the Realtors in Montgomery and Pulaski counties in Virginia.

One of the tools that David has helped get him to the top is Map My Land property mapping software. And he paid only $118.00 at the 2010 NAR show in New Orleans.

Like David, when you are helping a client sell property, you can:

  • Easily type in the boundaries' distances and bearings from the deed description or survey
  • Verify boundaries before entering the property into the MLS system.

Also, you can spend a little time at the beginning of the selling process--

  • To verify the acreage to 5+ decimal point accuracy
  • To verify the perimeter
  • To check out any closure error

--So you can provide information that your client and the buyer can trust!

With Map My Land you can also--

  • Insert your logo and office information
  • Enter your comments about the property
  • Personalize and customize the map with color, map scales and N/S arrows
  • Print as many copies as you need to any size or scale.
  • Create a GPS waypoint file for ease in finding corners and boundaries of the property during showings
  • Add your map image to your website listing along with an aerial view of the property with Map My Land's Google Earth Interface.

Google mapStart Your Way to the Top with Information You Can Trust!

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ALERT: "If you are a large company who has upgraded to a Server, no problem. We will work with you to check compatibility and will strive to meet your office(s) needs."


  • Easy-to-Use Tab Entry
  • Instant Onscreen Viewing of Boundaries
  • Easy-to-Insert Landmarks
  • Insert Your Comments, Photos and Logos
  • Importing of GPS/GPX Files
  • Overlay to Google Earth
  • Print to Any Scale
  • Free Updates

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