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Meet Lou

Lou had looked for property in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He wanted a get-a-way for his family and friends and as a place to originate hot-air balloon flights during the fall season.

In the snowy month of February, he finally found what he wanted. Since his friend, Trevor, now lived in Vermont, he called to get his opinion about the property. Trevor was very concerned about the copy of the tax map which was being used for the sale by the seller's realtor. Since it was the middle of winter in Vermont, there was no way the property could be surveyed in the deep snow. He searched for another way to check the boundary lines for distance, bearing and closure. Lou had the deed which included the distance and bearing information. So he decided to look for a simple property mapping software they could use for checking the tax map.

Property BuyerThe final selection was Map My Land© because:

  • Similar programs
    • Were much more expensive
    • Required a lot of training
    • Required additional fees for updates
  • MML was easy to use with
    • A 15 to 30 minute learning curve
    • Instant on screen mapping images
    • Real time acreage, perimeter and closure error
  • MML's printing features allowed them to
    • print a transparency to the same scale for overlaying onto the tax map
  • MML's GPS feature allowed them to import GPX coordinates in order to overlay their map on Google Earth.

They found a 100 foot error so Trevor recommended a new survey by a licensed surveyor. The new survey confirmed that, yes, there was an error. And with a little investigation, they found that the original surveyor was the only surveyor in the state of Vermont to ever lose his license. Not a very comforting thought.

Lou's purchase of Map My Land protected his $100,000 investment. Had he not bought Map My Land, the new deed would have been incorrect along with the old tax map. Later, when the error was found, Lou would have ended up with the additional expenses of a court case. And, he would have lost some of his deeded property. In short, Map My Land saved the day.

Map My Land© Software BoxHow did Lou feel about his property after using Map My Land

Is your property worth the $118.00 investment?
Do you really know where your boundaries are?


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  • Easy-to-Use Tab Entry
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  • Easy-to-Insert Landmarks
  • Insert Your Comments, Photos and Logos
  • Importing of GPS/GPX Files
  • Overlay to Google Earth
  • Print to Any Scale
  • Free Updates

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