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Meet Amanda...

Are you a genealogist like Amanda? Do you enjoy digging into family histories and tracing family roots. Genealogy toolsAmanda learned early that an important part of a genealogist's job was finding and mapping properties owned by the ancestors of her clients. And land deeds lead to family names.

As part of your training you, like Amanda, probably learned to draw maps with simple tools -- a protractor, a compass, a ruler, graph paper, a pencil and a calculator.

And, like you, Amanda started looking for a software program that would make her job easier and simplify her map drawings.

And, like Amanda, you came upon for Map My Land. Your $118 investment in Map My Land will enable you --

  • Sample Map PlotTo enter the distance and bearing of the boundaries with its easy tab entry
  • To include information from your WordPad or Word notes
  • To add photos found that are important to your family history research
  • To use the original map's measuring units
  • To see your work on screen instantly
  • To draw and print a map to any scale
  • To print a transparency to lay onto a historical map
  • To overlay your historical drawing onto Google Earth
  • To merge multiple properties

Sample Genealogy PlotIf you are a genealogist or are thinking about tracing your family history, your investment in Map My Land as a tool will help you reduce your research time and simplify your mapping needs.

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  • 15-Minute Learning Curve
  • Easy Tabular Entry
  • Instant Onscreen Boundaries
  • Customizable Lines and Colors
  • Easy Creation of Landmarks
  • Easy-to-Map Lines for Fences
  • 25+ International Distance Units
  • Easy Importing of GPS/GPX Files
  • Simple Overlay to Google Earth
  • Print to Any Scale
  • Ability to Merge Multiple Maps

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