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Tom, Mississippi Property AttorneyReal Estate Attorneys and Paralegals use our Property Mapping Software.

If you are a real estate attorney or a paralegal, you know how important it is to put together an accurate legal transaction. And you are also aware of your dependency on property data from surveyors, title companies, old deed descriptions from sellers, real estate agents and tax maps. Why risk your reputation by assuming 100% accuracy from these outside data sources?

Now there is property mapping software that will enable you to be in control of the accuracy of the transaction data. With no additional expense other than the initial $118.00 MML's Reflective Interfacinginvestment in Map My Land, you can now have peace of mind of being able to check and verify property boundaries, acreage and closure.

You will be impressed with Map My Land's:

  • 15 minute learning curve
  • Easy tabular entry
  • Tutorials
  • Toll-Free support
  • Instant property viewing during data entry
  • MML map on a transparencyReal time display of acreage, perimeter and closure errors

From now on, you will be able to --

  • Quickly verify
    • Deed descriptions to 5+ decimal point accuracy
    • Surveys
    • Tax maps
    • MLS data
    • Title abstracts
  • MapPrint maps and transparencies to any scale
  • Automatically calculate acreage and closure errors
  • Consolidate properties without repeated entries
  • Print adjacent properties to display overlaps or other mistakes

With Map My Land, you can now feel confident and be in control of your client's property transaction.

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ALERT: "If you are a large company who has upgraded to a Server, no problem. We will work with you to check compatibility and will strive to meet your office(s) needs."


  • Easy Tabular Entry
  • Easy Placement of Landmarks
  • Ability to Merge Multiple Maps
  • Easy Inserting of Logos and Photos
  • GPS/GPX File Imports
  • Google Earth Overlay
  • Print to Any Scale
  • Instant Area, Perimeter & Closure Display
  • Free Updates

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