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Tina -- Title AbstractorTitle Abstractors use Map My Land

Meet Tina...

Tina has been a consulting title abstractor for eight years. Her clients are title companies, real estate agents, and land attorneys.

Until recently Tina has used a product that required her to type in the entire deed description before being able to see the boundary layout of the parcel. In addition, she has had to pay for annual updates, invest in travel and training sessions, and last year realized that the software was not compatible with Windows 7.

A few months ago, Tina decided to purchase Map My Land's property mapping software. Her main concern was how a software package selling for $118.00 possibly could be better than her old software which cost over a $1,000. You are probably asking the same question.

MapYou, like Tina, are in for some pleasant surprises.

  • MML has a 15-minute learning curve
  • MML uses a spreadsheet tabular entry format
  • MML allows you to see your map instantly as you enter your deed information
  • MML gives acreage values with 5+ decimal point accuracy which was very important to Tina who deals with legal matters on a daily basis that require exacting accuracy.
  • MML allows you to see any errors immediately
  • MML does not cost you more money each time there is an update -- your updates are free.

Now, with Map My Land you are able to:

  • Do data entry with your laptop in the town offices.
  • Consolidate individual properties without data reentry
  • Print individual properties or your combined properties to any scale

Like many of Map My Land's customers, Tina has even made several suggestions which have been incorporated in Map My Land's property mapping software.

Bottom Line Tina's title abstracting work is now much easier and faster. Now, you too can map properties with the same ease and speed.

Map My Land's Google Earth interface

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ALERT: "If you are a large company who has upgraded to a Server, no problem. We will work with you to check compatibility and will strive to meet your office(s) needs."


  • Easy Tabular Entry
  • Unlimited Parcels and Boundaries
  • Simplified Curved Boundary Entry
  • Ability to Merge Multiple Maps
  • Easy Creation of Landmarks
  • Unlimited Text and Photo Entry
  • Easy Importing of GPS/GPX Files
  • Simple Overlay to Google Earth
  • Print to Any Scale
  • Free Updates

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