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Company Overview

Map My Land©Map My Land© is a product of Forestry Press Inc.© and a product of the USA. Our home office is located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

The names, Forestry Press Inc.© and Map My Land© are trademarks. Map My Land© software is protected by pending U.S. Patent and all documentation and page layouts are copyrighted 2009-2015.

Our mission is to provide to our customers the best, easiest-to-learn, user friendly, and inexpensive property mapping software available using the latest technology and most powerful software tools. Map My Land© is designed to meet 95% of the needs and demands of all home owners, farmers, title abstractors, real estate agents, property attorneys, and many other professionals. The needs and demands range from checking deeds, title searches, surveys, and tax maps; creating plats; plotting boundaries and property lines; using a wide range of units of measurement; printing to any scale; integrating GPS coordinates with upload and download capabilities; and overlaying property maps on orthographic projections.

Sample MapTo accomplish our mission, we listen to the needs and questions of prospective customers and have implemented many of their suggestions.

All software support and development is provided by our friendly staff at Forestry Press Inc. Forestry Press Inc. is a United States company with no out-sourcing. All employees are legal US citizens and ownership is 100% American.

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Affordable Property Mapping

Several years ago, Trevor Evans, president of Forestry Press, inc., realized there was a need for an affordable property mapping program. Having been a civil engineer and surveyor, he knew there were programs designed for surveyors to map out their results. But those programs are not only expensive, they are very difficult to use.

Map makingHis question was "What about everyone else?" He knew there were times when property owners had deeds to their property but no maps. He had also seen situations where the dimensions and acreage on MLS listings were incorrect. He had even seen on several occasions where the survey map for a property was wrong with significant closure errors. And then there are always situations where the deed description did not match a deed map. And one of the most frequent mistakes that property owners make is to assume that their tax map is correct and to not only make decisions based on inaccurate data but pay excess taxes. He felt that with today's technology there should be a software tool that any property owner could use to help resolve these issues.

Trevor enlisted friends from around the country to help develop an easy-to-learn program that anyone can use. Over the past three to six years, Map My Land has evolved into a program that has almost everything the expensive programs have at a fraction of the cost. And, it's easy to learn and easy to use.

Map My Land is designed to be used by the homeowner who wants to build a new garage, the real estate agent who is marketing a property, the title abstractor who is searching titles, the farmer who needs to map out his fields and anyone else who has a need for property mapping.

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